My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Source Construction on the extensive remodel of our home this past year. Our house s approximately 100 years old, and was in dire need of a large amount of work. This project required a large-scale demolition, gutting, and retrofitting the house with new plumbing, framing, and electrical on top of a new kitchen, appliances, trim, lighting, and flooring. To help in this process, Source Construction’s design person worked with my wife and me to find flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures that met our overall design wishes. Source Construction patiently worked with us during the financing process as well, coming up with an extremely accurate budget that we were able to stick with during the actual course of reconstruction. Working on older homes is not easy, but Source Construction was able to deal with the issues they found with the old house without going over budget. They kept us updated on the status of the project, what the bottlenecks were, and reached out quickly to us if any decision needed our input. The team was extremely professional, diligent, and aware of our concerns and worries. They handled the project with ease and got us back into our house without prolonging the build process. The foreman on the job was very adept at scheduling the teams working on various parts of the project to move along as quickly as possible. When any issues or concerns came up, they were very quick to respond and address the problems directly. I would happily recommend Source Construction for any future construction jobs and will use them again in the future when the time comes. Carl E.  I am pleased to recommend Source Construction, based on my experience of their extensive 2017 work on my century-old bungalow in the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The house had been significantly damaged by the amateur work of previous owners, and did not meet any city code requirements. Source Construction demolished and rebuilt the upstairs bathroom and kitchen, rewired the house, repaired faulty plumbing throughout, repaired water-damaged drywall and flooring, re-carpeted the basement, re-ceiled the upstairs, built a new entry porch for the back door, installed safety railings, insulation, HVAC outlets, electrical outlets, new garage door and outdoor electrical, and painted the interior upstairs and down. The coordination and management of the entire project was superb, timing everything (including work by outside cabinet makers and window builders) so there were no delays, disposing promptly of construction debris, minimizing dust, scheduling code inspections, and finally cleaning the site so it was all ready when my movers arrived. We are so pleased with our safe, snug, beautiful house, which functions exactly as we had hoped it would. We simply could not be happier. Throughout the project, I felt respected and supported in my aesthetic choices and design ideas—Source Construction made everything happen. Working with Source was a completely positive experience. Laura R.  We hired Source Construction to renovate our office space. We are extremely happy with the quality of the work and the end result. We achieved exactly what we wanted with superior workmanship and a high quality product. The contractors were respectful and in communication regarding the process of the project. They were meticulous, paid attention to detail and kept the place neat and tidy. I would recommend Source Construction unreservedly if you are looking for a high quality product. Valerie K.  I worked with Source on a major remodel - the entire back of 1920's bungalow - including kitchen and bathroom renovation - redoing all plumbing; new electric throughout; digging out and creating additional basement space and adding a bathroom. They were professional, communicative, willing to work around my animals... The project went smoothly - even though Covid reared it's ugly head three months into it. I love the work that was done - and wish I was technically savvy enough to post pictures!! Thank you!!! Andrea M.
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